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Jupiter Scientific

  • Emergency release canister for scrubbing silane phosphine ammonia arsine chlorine BCL3 and more

Inline Protective Scrubbing Canisters

  • Last line of defense to prevent excursions from failed abatement upstream
  • Supplemental scrubbing capability to handle gases current scrubber cannot handle
  • Primary scrubbing for small or temporary applications
  • Protection of equipment from corrosive or fouling gases

Jupiter Scientific manufactures an array of inline scrubbers that can be used to enhance abatement capability or provide defense against failed scrubbers or unforeseen events. These scrubbers can be placed before or after existing scrubbers to abate gases that the facility's current scrubbers cannot abate. Alternatively, these scrubbers can be placed in facility piping before the point of discharge to capture any flows of gases that get past the existing scrubber or escape from an enclosure.

Jupiter Scientific Inc., Fremont, California U.S.A.

Image at top: A view of Jupiter from one of its moons.

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