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Europa Dry Scrubber

Jupiter Scientific's Europa Dry Scrubber is a large capacity scrubber designed to serve as a defense against catastrophic events. The Europa scrubber can prevent an excursion that could otherwise have severe consequences. The Europa scrubber is typically located in the house exhaust gas path at a location near the point of discharge of either a specific danger or of the facility itself. Typical dangers the Europa protects against include:

  • Gas Cabinet Cylinder or Equipment Failure
  • Fume Hood Emissions
  • Reactor Enclosure Fumes
  • Failed or Incomplete Upstream Scrubbing
  • Emergency Ventilation Exhaust

Europa is available with a capacity of 500 CFM. Dues to the large mass of adsorbents filling Europa the scrubber has the capacity for complete cylinder releases or for sustained incidents upstream.

Europa is available with an Enclosure and without an enclosure. Europa is available with Class I, Div II electrical compliance and certification.

Europa Features

Zero Emission Performance
The Europa Dry Scrubber can scrub even the most difficult target gases with > 99.999% removal efficiency. This performance is verified through an on board toxic gas monitor at the exhaust
Safety Interlocks
Europa has a host of safety interlocks and has the ability to quickly take action if an unsafe condition exists while notifying users through audio, visual, or electronic means
PLC Control
The Europa scrubber features a sophisticated PLC that continuously scans safety interlocks and acts to ensure safe operation while alerting users to issues that require attention. The PLC also logs critical compliance and operational data.
  • Europa Dry scrubber for hydrides acid gases ammonia VOC and more Class 1 Div II Exterior
  • Europa Dry scrubber for hydrides acid gases ammonia VOC and more interior
Europa scrubbing canister for silane phosphine ammonia arsine chlorine BCL3 and more
Real Time Monitoring of Exhaust Gas, Temperature and Pressure
Europa continuously monitors target gas levels at the exhaust and in the enclosure (if that option is selected). In addition, Europa monitors inlet pressure and bed temperature to ensure safe operation
Color Touch Panel
Access to Europa is through a large color touch panel. The panel clearly communicates critical system information and allows the user to easily access all control functions at a touch
Connected Factory and Remote Access
Europa features remote access through smart devices. In addition, communication with the factory is available through digital signals and most popular protocols including native MODBUS and optional Profibus and BACnet
Data Logging
Europa records key operating parameters, exhaust gas levels, and event and alarm history to non-volatile memory that can be easily downloaded by the user
High Capacity
Europa is available with throughputs up to 500 CFM

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Image at top: Europa. Jupiter's smallest Galilean moon has the smoothest surface in the solar system. Europa has a water ice crust and a thin oxygen atmosphere. It is believed to have under surface water oceans and is perhaps the most likely location in the solar system to have interstellar life.

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