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Mercury Dry Scrubber

Jupiter Scientific's Mercury Dry Scrubber stands apart from traditional point-of-use dry scrubbers due to its ability to utilize our Europa drys scrubbing canisters. The Mercury dry scrubber provides industry leading abatement efficiency with non-detect of target gases at the tool outlet. The Mercury scrubber can process up to 500 LPM of process flow and can handle extremely high hydride gas flows without over heating or breakthrough. The Europa canisters give the Mercury very high MTBS.

  • Mercury Dry Scrubber for high flow hydrides such as arsine and phosphine as well as other large scrubbing tasks exterior
  • Europa Dry Scrubbing Canister for arsine phosphine silane chlorine ammonia HCL HF BCL2 VOC NH3 and more scrubbing
Zero Emission Performance
The Callisto Dry Scrubber can scrub even the most difficult target gases with > 99.999% removal efficiency. This performance is verified through an on board toxic gas monitor at the exhaust
Integrated Venturi Vacuum
The Callisto scrubber has an integrated Venturi vacuum pump to provide draw through the system. This pump is controlled by a PID system that ensures constant draw despite changing process conditions
Color Touch Panel
Access to Callisto is through a large color touch panel. The panel clearly communicates critical system information and allows the user to easily access all control functions at a touch
Real Time Monitoring of Exhaust Gas, Temperature and Pressure
Callisto continuously monitors target gas levels at the exhaust and in the enclosure. In addition Callisto monitors and compensates for inlet pressure and monitors temperature to ensure safe operation
Data Logging
Callisto records key operating parameters, exhaust gas levels, and event and alarm history to non-volatile memory that can be easily downloaded by the user
Safety Interlocks
Callisto has a host of safety interlocks and has the ability to quickly take action if an unsafe condition exists while notifying users through audio, visual, or electronic means
Integrated Actuated Valves
Integrated PLC controlled & actuated inlet, outlet and bypass valves
PLC Control
The Callisto scrubber is controlled by a sophisticated PLC that constantly adjusts the scrubber for optimal performance while continuously scanning safety interlocks and acting to ensure safe operation
Connected Factory and Remote Access
Callisto features remote access through smart devices. In addition, communication with the factory is available through digital signals and most popular protocols including native MODBUS and optional Profibus and BACnet

Jupiter Scientific Inc., Fremont, California U.S.A.

Image at top: Planet Mercury. The solar system's smallest planet and the planet closest to the sun. Mercury is named after the Roman God Mercury who is the messenger of the gods.

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