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Ganymede Water Scrubber

Jupiter Scientific's Ganymede Water Scrubber provides extremely high destruction and removal efficiencies (DRE) for water soluble gases.

The Ganymede features PID controlled chemical injection from the integrated chemical tank to facilitate chemisorption of target gases such as: ammonia, HCL, chlorine, fluorine, HF, H2S. The Ganymede also utilizes a batch wise water purging system to minimize fresh water and chemical usage.

The integrated lift station uses a mag pump to ensure long lifetimes and protection against run dry scenarios.

Of course, like all Jupiter Scientific scrubbing systems, the Ganymede also features PLC control, a color touch panel operator interface, and connected factory communications abilities.

The Ganymede water scrubber is available in a large array of sizes to provide the optimal solution with respect to price, performance, and footprint.

Ganymede water scrubber for HCL HF NH3 CL2 F2 BCL3 ETC

The Ganymede spray assemblies (shown at left) Feature multiple misting and fogging nozzles as well as a high RPM spray down nozzle to ensure that particles are thoroughly enjoined and that packing is completely wetted.

This helps to ensure that the highest DREs are achieved with no channelling.

Zero Emission Performance
The Ganymede Water Scrubber can scrub water soluble target gases with > 99 % removal efficiency
Integrated Chemical Tank
The Ganymede scrubber has an integrated chemical tank to remove the need for cumbersome and dangerous loose chemical bottles stored near the scrubber. An on board level sensor warns when the chemical is running low
Color Touch Panel
Access to Ganymede is through a large color touch panel. The panel clearly communicates critical system information and allows the user to easily access all control functions at a touch
Real Time Monitoring of pH, Temperature and Pressure
Ganymede continuously monitors target gas levels at the exhaust and in the enclosure. In addition Callisto monitors and compensates for inlet pressure and monitors temperature to ensure safe operation
Data Logging
Ganymede records key operating parameters to non-volatile memory that can be easily downloaded by the user
Integrated Lift Station
Ganymede's mag pump and level control provide water lift capability that alleviates the expense of a separate lift station
Safety Interlocks
Ganymede has a host of safety interlocks and has the ability to quickly take action if an unsafe condition exists while notifying users through audio, visual, or electronic means
Integrated pH Monitoring
Integrated pH monitoring helps to ensure regulatory compliance and effective chemical injection control
PLC Control
The Ganymede scrubber is controlled by a sophisticated PLC that constantly adjusts the scrubber for optimal performance while continuously scanning safety interlocks and acting to ensure safe operation
Connected Factory and Remote Access
Ganymede features remote access through smart devices. In addition, communication with the factory is available through digital signals and most popular protocols including native MODBUS and optional Profibus and BACnet

Jupiter Scientific Inc., Fremont, California U.S.A.

Image at top: Ganymede. Jupiter's largest moon and the solar system's largest moon. Ganymede is actually larger than the planet Mercury. Ganymede's high albedo of 43% combined with its size make it the easiest to spot of Jupiter's moons. Reports indicate that the Chinese astronomer Gan De detected a moon of Jupiter that was probably Ganymede in 365 B.C.

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